Internationalisation of Spanish Higher Education

The Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE) bolsters the projection of the Spanish University System in all international fields. To this end, amongst other issues it helps to:

  • Promote educational and research programmes abroad that are offered in Spanish universities and research facilities.
  • Improve the reception of foreign students, lecturers and researchers in Spain, as well as those with a Spanish nationality abroad.
  • Boost the European Higher Education Area and the Ibero-American Knowledge Space.
  • Create actions and procedures that effectively attract foreign students, researchers and lecturers for Spanish universities.

Amongst other advocacy actions for the Spanish University System, through collaboration agreements with foreign governments and institutions, various international mobility programmes are managed for foreign students, researchers and lecturers, coordinating the development of programmes with participating partners (Spanish universities, foreign governments and institutions and participants in the programmes).

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