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What to study in Spain?


The Spanish Higher Education system

The Spanish Higher Education system is made up of 87 universities (50 public and 37 private), in addition to 480 research institutes and 67 science and technology parks. As a member state of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), all official degrees awarded by Spanish universities are recognised for academic and professional purposes in 53 countries worldwide, 45 of which are European.

They are also top-quality universities that are well-positioned in international rankings by subject area, widely internationalised, given that Spain is the favourite destination for ERASMUS+ students.

Requisitos de acceso a Grados universitarios, costes y plazos

Information about admission requirements, tuition fees and registration deadline in Spanish universities

Las universidades españolas

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Degree search tools

Would you like to study in Spain? We provide you with several degree search tools to help you choose:

Scholarships, grants, subsidies and awards

On this site, The Ministry of Universities and SEPIE provides you with the scholarships, grants, subsidies and awards offered in the area of Education. Click on the following link. In addition, Spanish universities are autonomous to decide their own policy on scholarships and grants.