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Support and assistance for doubts concerning the Spanish University System and its internationalisation:

Contact telephone numbers:
Tel: (+34) 91 760 36 04

Why study in Spain?

International recognition

Según los principales rankings internacionales (THE, QS y ARWU-Shanghái) , las universidades españolas se encuentras posicionadas entre las mejores del mundo por disciplinas.

¿Cuáles son estas universidades? Puedes consultarlo en estas infografías:

Proyecto PRISUE 2021. El SEPIE ha publicado un trabajo sobre el Posicionamiento y Reconocimiento Internacional del Sistema Universitario Español.

Innovation and technology

Spanish language

How to study Spanish in your home country? The Cervantes Institute has more than 65 centres all over the world, as well as an Accreditation System for Institutions (SACIC).

How to study Spanish in Spain? Find your course using this Cervantes Institute search tool.

How to certify your knowledge of Spanish? The diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official qualifications awarded by the Cervantes Institute.

Offer of training in English

Go to the search tool for bachelor's degrees in English here.

Go to the search tool for master's degrees in English here.

Cultural and geographical wealth and diversity

See the World Heritage sites at the following link.

Quality of life

See the estimated average price of basic goods and services in Spain at the following link. (Coming soon)

Facilitation regarding procedures

See the steps to follow in order to study in Spain on the following leaflet.